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The X Anniversary International Medical Forum was held on April 17–19, 2019 in Kyiv

      A large-scale comprehensive of the health care in Ukraine innovations has integrated a powerful scientific and practical program, schools, the largest specialized exhibitions in Ukraine. The Medical Forum has created an international platform for the exchange of experience and the development of health professionals.

      As a part of the Medical Forum, the V Scientific and Practical Conference «Modern methods of providing medical assistance for combat injuries and medical and social rehabilitation of ATO participants» was held. At the scientific and practical conference, the experience of providing medical assistance in case of firearms and mine explosive injuries, as well as the peculiarities of rendering psychological, psychiatric and social assistance to ATO / JFO participants, as well as to refugees and displaced persons was presented.


      The scientists of the NRCRM took an active part in the work of the conference and presented their experience and vision, in particular, the system for providing medical, psychological and neuropsychiatric care for ATO / JFO participants in a multidisciplinary clinic and a comparative analysis of the physiological characteristics of the personality of combatants and liquidators of the Chornobyl catastrophe.