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General information about International scientific conference
(18-19 April 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Almost 30 years passed since the day of events at the Chornobyl NPP, but up to nowadays scientists in many countries are interested by the problem – what are consequences of the accident in Ukraine, first of all for health condition of today’s and future generations.
We include into a unprecedented phenomenon of the Chornobyl accident the impact of not only external irradiation and intake of radionuclides, but also high degree of chemical pollution, changes of life conditions, inadequate perception of radiation danger, social and economic transformations taking place at the post-accidental period. The experience of Chornobyl has shown its extreme importance for prognosis of health effects of radiation accidents such as Fukushima as well as for medical preparedness.
The conference will address researchers in a field of radiation biology and medicine, health care professionals, decision makers, as well as experts in radiation emergency and medical preparedness. The main aim of the conference is to analyse the 30-year experience of Chornobyl studies with the special attention to the effects of low dose ionizing radiation.
Invited lectors for the conference sessions will be leading national experts with the practical experience in radiation research after Chornobyl. We hope that this conference will fulfil its aim – the spread of the scientific understanding of the nature of Chornobyl health effects and highlight the ways of further scientific activities and help radiation research after Chornobyl and other accidents.

Programme of the Conference

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Location of Conference

State Institution «National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of NAMS of Ukraine»
conference hall, 4th floor,
Peremohy avenue 119/121,
Kyiv, Ukraine.

How to reach the Conference

1. From international airport «Boryspil»: on the «Sky Bus» to the «Kharkivska» metro station (more details about the bus at the airport website).

2. From «Kharkivska» metro station: on the subway – from «Kharkivska» metro station to the «Zhytomyrska» metro station.

3. From «Zhytomyrska» station: 1-2 minutes of walk.


Nearest to the Conference:

  • Hotel «Verhovina», first complex: Kyiv, Peremohy avenue 135 (around 1 km from Conference);
    second complex: Petropavlivska Borschahivka – Kyiv region, Petropavlivska street 24 (around 1.2 km from Conference); (min. price of apartments – 550 UAH / 20 EUR); website:
  • Hotel «Park-Hotel», Kyiv, Tsiurupynska street 2 (around 3.5 km from Conference); (min. price of apartments – 390 UAH / 14 EUR); tel.: +380 (44) 422-03-44, +380 (44) 422-03-55, +380 (67) 443-59-10; website(no eng. ver.):

In the center of Kyiv:

  • Hotel «Dnipro», Khreschatyk Street 1/2; (min. price of apartments – 515 UAH / 19 EUR);
  • Hotel «Kozatskiy», Myhailivska Street 1/3; (min. price of apartments – 690 UAH / 26 EUR);
  • Hotel «Ukraine», Instytutska Street 4; (min. price of apartments – 822 UAH / 30 EUR);
  • Hotel «Khreschatyk», Khreschatyk Street 14; (min. price of apartments – 2970 UAH / 107 EUR);

Registration in the Conference


Adittional information

Ianovich Larysa – executive secretary of the organizing committee

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +380 (44) 452-44-97, +380 (44) 483-30-45, mob.: +380 (95) 896-80-91.

Participation in the Conference and publication of abstracts are FREE!

P.S. For those who want, there will be an excursion to the Chornobyl NPP at April 21, 2016. Send your applications to the email: [email protected]

Application must have information about your current Institution and passport datas. (Applications to the excursion in Chornobyl NPP accepted only until 1 April).