NRCRM - National Research Center for Radiation Medicine Ukrainian_National_Embleme
Institute of Clinical Radiology Institute of Radiation Hygiene and Epidemiology Institute of Experimental Radiology

Department of Clinical Immunology
• Laboratory of Immunocytology
• Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Department of Therapy of Radiation Consequences
• Unit of Cardiology
• Unit of Pulmonology
• Unit of Gastroenterology

Department of Hematology and Transplantology
• Unit of Radiation Oncohematology and Stem Cell Transplantation
• Molecular Genetics Laboratory
• Laboratory of Immunogenetics

Division for Medical Expertise and Treatment of Ionizing Radiation Consequences

Department of Radiation Psychoneurology

Department of Endocrine Pathology

Department of Radiation Pediatry, Congenital and Hereditary Pathology

Department of Radiation-Induced Pathology

Unit of Children Hematology

Epidemiology Department
• Laboratory of Medical Demography
• Laboratory for Population Studies on Adult Health
• Laboratory of Cancer Epidemiology
• Laboratory of the Medical Management and Social Problems of the Large-scale Radiation Accidents

Dosimetry and Radiation Hygiene Department
• Laboratory of Radiation Hygiene and Monitoring
• Laboratory of External Exposure Dosimetry
• Laboratory of Internal Exposure Dosimetry
• Whole Body Counter Laboratory
• Laboratory for Radiological Protection
• Laboratory for Radiochemical Support of Dosimetry

Department of Radiobiology
• Laboratory of Radiation Biochemistry
• Laboratory of Radiation Neurophysiology
• Laboratory of Cell Radiobiology
• Laboratory of Nutrition Hygiene and Food Safety
• Laboratory of Toxicology and Endocrinology

Department of Medical Genetics
• Laboratory of Muragenesis and Antimutagenesis
• Laboratory of Human Early Development Genetics
• Laboratory of the Medical Genetic Counselling
• Cytogenetics Laboratory
• Genetic Monitoring Laboratory